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When John F. Kennedy took office as the 35th President of the United States of America in January 1961. Jacqueline becomes “Jackie” Kennedy (Natalie Portman) to First Lady. In her role as president, Jackie Kennedy soon becomes an idol for a whole generation through her cultivation. Beauty and elegance, turning into a living legend that transforms the White House into a place of glamor. But the dream came to an abrupt end on 22 November 1963, when John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas during a drive through the city. Jackie has witnessed her husband’s death up close and tried in the track, struggling through the deep sorrow to be there for their children and to save her husband’s legacy.

The biopic of Pablo Larraín focuses mainly on an interview With Jackie Kennedy in Time Magazine, which took place just one week after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Hyannis Port, the family’s summer residence. In this, she remembers not only the assassination, but also her return to the White House, the preparations for her husband’s funeral, and the funeral at the Arlington National Cemetery where she accompanied his coffin.

Movie Review

When the 35th US President John F. Kennedy (Caspar Phillipson) is shot dead on 22nd November 1963 in Dallas, Jacqueline Kennedy (Natalie Portman) must not only be like a mourning normal mortal with the sudden loss of her husband and the father of her three and Five years old children. After the assassination, the nun-not-more-first-lady remains only a few days, with her last remaining power, to draw the memory of the presidency of her husband (and thus herself) into the desired path. The Chilean director Pablo Larraín ( ” No “, ” Neruda “) succeed with his first English-language film ” Jackie ” an equally ambivalent as intimate portrait of the most famous of all First Ladies, which stands out pleasantly from conventional Politfilm- and biopic pabulum and with his Unusual structure and camera work sometimes assumes experimental traits. A brilliantly staged, precisely narrated and at the same time absolutely heartbreaking drama about the bereavement of the mourners, the transience of power and the desperate attempt to determine absolutely their own place in history.

Still on the way from Washington airport to the Bethesda Naval Hospital, where the corpse of a deceased US head of state has to be postponed under the laws, Jackie Kennedy asks her driver which of these people tell him something: James A. Garfield? William McKinley? Abraham Lincoln? They are the three US presidents who fell victim to their assassination attempt during their term of office – but like most of the average Americans, the chauffeur can only start with the name Lincoln immediately. So can the President’s widow plans of its funeral ceremony bring – for the Great Emancipator a huge procession was then organized by the tree kondolierenden crowds streets of Washington, and exactly demanded Jackie now for her husband. However, such a mourning party is encountering the resistance of the team of Lyndon B. Johnson (John Carroll Lynch), who is still on his homecoming from Dallas. His people see a major security risk in the big event, but they also want the Kennedys no longer alone The place in front of the TV cameras of this world …

Jackie Kennedy has taken TV cameras to the White House for the CBS TV special “A Tour of the White House” for the first time in 1962 (“Jackie” has an imitation with a great unconscious Natalie Portman) , One last time to secure the attention of people around the globe (whether from personal vanity or to preserve the political achievements of her husband, is deliberately disclosed in the film). Although the attack and all subsequent events of course on the very large (media) run world stage, sat Larraín and his cinematographer Stéphane Fontaine ( ” Elle “) to an extreme stylistic device that produces almost the exact opposite effect: A large part of “Jackie” Is in the mass scenes from extreme close-ups – when other figures then appear, it often acts as if they would force themselves from the side into the picture, which is actually Jackie all alone. This can be seen as a commentary on the celebrity culture already celebrated at the time – but above all the audience is approaching quite so close to the protagonist.

“Jackie” is an unusual and sometimes uncomfortably intimate portrait, just as the despair and sadness of Jackie Kennedy puts her in the center, she once alone to the favorite music of her husband (the musical “Camelot”) by her of her loving and historical consciousness The white house is creeping, not knowing how to go on (once she asks her opposite, how men will look at her now). That one these moments in the midst of the cold-hearted-calculated intrigues repeatedly downright rip the heart, this is for a good part of Oscar winner Natalie Portman (awarded for ” Black Swan “), which delivers the best performance of her career here (and thus with Emma Stone for ” La La land ” as a top favorite in the upcoming film award season goes). In addition to a perfect imitation of the dialect and the mannerisms of the famous model, Portman radiates at the same time such vulnerability and lostness, but also an immense strength and an incredible will. A thoroughly ambivalent but still uncommonly precise performance: Although we are dealing here with a mourning widow, who has just witnessed how her husband was shot, you are not sure if you see this Jackie Kennedy Now actually like it or not.

All the scenes just before and in the days after the assassination are told in “Jackie” in flashbacks. In the framework, Jackie Kennedy gives an exclusive interview to a nameless journalist (Billy Crudup) a week after the act – and the audience will witness how all the things we have just seen in the flashbacks (or a few moments later) ), Can be directly arranged historically. This arrangement is anything but a self-runner – it is accompanied by a constant struggle: to the inner struggles of Jackie Kennedy the constant side-blows between her and the reporter. So there are always short passages in which the interviewee leaves everything free, for example, when she talks about the brain mass of her husband on her dress – only to postpone it immediately, that she would never release the spoken words for publication. Instead, follow carefully selected, emphasized state-standing statements. After all the tough bargaining to the interpretation of history is Larraín begrudge completion then a particularly bitter Pointe (Spoiler Warning) : From the car window at a crossroads, the former First Lady gets a first impression of how the world really remembered – in the exhibition of a department store are all the headless shop window dolls like Jackie Kennedy in their legendary pink Chanel dress. In the end, despite all his efforts, no one is master of his own history.

Conclusion: An absolutely unusual and, for this reason, absolutely worth seeing political drama with an all-pervading Natalie Portman.

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