Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is Crystal house in the world, and he decided to steal the risk that the general Niflheim: Kingsglaive. Who made the king, it is clear that the Al Qaeda do nothing for the image to achieve the goals that Kingsglaive among them and world domination. King Regis Lucis military elite, named Kingsglaive. Use magic to try to protect Lucia. It seems such a great military power against the State, it is difficult for the king, PrinceFreya Princess Luna of Tenebrae, a prisoner Nifelheim married, and to allow the land to the government Nifelheim.

So far, more than theater or other entertainment, recently launched Kingsglaive “, the question is really the movies? The normal quickly. He knelt in front of the Square eleventh hope Enix Final Fantasy Game honorable” series Kingsglaive ‘ to increase the game’s release in November. Here, very limited, to be successful: a collection of events Artist of the details – miles from the two previous efforts to adjust to the world of Final Fantasy on screen – Kingsglaive: The Final Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV filling technology no doubt tease eat and increasing the sure hope buyers the game. But the hope is still boring traditional independent film can live art form, it is not difficult Kingsglaive: Final Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV celebrated the colorful game piece ominous sign of things to come.


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Like the series, Final Fantasy has a significant effect on the development of video games from the beginning almost 30 years ago, plays and left more than a few movie track. Therefore, it is disappointing the Kingsglaive “The oldest clich├ęs of fantasy and science fiction film shameful decadence. Structure simple stories, mostly, and often means the limit” Kingsglaive “as a strange thread Ninja adventure One day, the sea, some deadly, especially active old Knicks Ulrike (expressed Aaron Paul), as Jason Coy Sodick -gon cosplaying as loops.

And Glaive because they want to be called, you can stop the sword to throw the Boomerang, and the mission is to protect the kingdom Lucia Capital, insomnia (who seemed to be a movie critic Troll pounds) Kingsglaive invasion of evil.: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (Sean Penn and play king of the sad) invisible surprising crystal insomnia shield that protects the body Kaiju Niflheim big demons, and for some reason, very great, very octopus angry.

After a fierce battle with the victims, especially Niflheim Lucis: I have a weapon, and include insomnia sovereignty, which the king Noctis marriages between men (not visible, but soon the main character in this game) and Princess Fleuret Lunafreya more nitrogen oxides (Lena Headey king again playing hard, brother), offensive problem before the child is not very clear.

As the game drew a lot of damage, “you can go to the brightness Kingsglaive eye. Insomnia served as a strange kind of magic in Tokyo, where the space ship without worthy banners of the heavens and the office building inspections, the Templars and the Audi driving silk dress and talking to a cell phone. the level of detail and realism, he worked with some of the particular cases, the level of the time, I wondered if not directly, rather than having been replaced by the progress in delivering the file. (there are some obvious extension here and there, but can not be removed stiffness Princess Lunafreya man game characters and the big picture is not faceless people celebrate Mario Kart below.)

Some people think that the world is good for players to make themselves, and it is difficult to imagine that the big game, in addition to the eponymous film. Even if the case is the hallmark of writing to scrape the magic practices. Meanwhile, the Nix Lunafreya horrified to see that the machine as a hornet and monitoring equipment. Instead of throwing the window and go the other way, may simply sit, staring, and history to share a few minutes, until a new wave of attacks. Finally, the film managed to get a great disappointment to see someone else play a video blog.

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